Our consulting and advisory services include:

  • Advocacy: “You may not have an interest in politics, but politics has an interest in you.” Clean tech companies often have their hands full perfecting their technologies, managing their supply chain partnerships and selling their products. More often than not, they lack the bandwidth to also manage the politics, external relations and community outreach that are just as critical to their success. This is our strength. We help clients make their case before government policy makers, engage collaboratively with stakeholders, and maintain strong lines of communication with community leaders.
  • Grant writing: The competitive grant arena is becoming more and more complex. It’s not enough for an applicant to have a deserving project; writing the grant application is an art in itself. Our team has 360° experience in the federal and state grant process, from writing grant applications to serving as independent reviewers to making the awards. We work with our clients to thoroughly understand their goals, craft a compelling story, and ensure the submitted package is complete and responsive to the grant notice. We typically work on a flat rate but are open to discussing a contingency fee basis if requested.
  • Training and capacity building: Our team has extensive experience in training, curriculum development, presenting and capacity building. We shape and deliver thoughtful and participatory training experiences that engage local communities, establish buy-in, and achieve shared, long-term visions and plans of action.