Areas of Focus

Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

solar-arrayThe United States is in the midst of a rapid and historic transformation of our energy sector. Renewable energy sources have overtaken fossil fuels in new capacity coming online, and in 2017 renewables surpassed nuclear generation for the first time. Energy storage technology is advancing at a rapid pace; electric vehicles are threatening to make internal combustion engines obsolete; and energy efficiency measures are being deployed more than ever as businesses and residents alike seek to lower their energy bills.

Polity Partners can help you navigate this changing energy landscape. Our team brings together expertise in policy advocacy, communications and development to help you achieve your clean energy goals.

Sustainable Development

8634270433_3fa1b5e273_oMore and more Americans are valuing communities with vibrant neighborhoods, locally-based economies, affordable housing, a healthy environment and accessible transportation. This is as true in urban areas as it is in rural America.

Whether you are a developer, a government planner or work for a non-profit, Polity Partners can help bring competing interests together to shape and implement a cohesive, long term vision that meets a community’s goals and the bottom line.